Taylor, Inc. makes the smart thermometers you’ll need for your home

Posted February 14, 2019 12:16:14When you want to know how much heat you’re getting from a fridge, a microwave or a fan, you don’t need to spend hours reading thermometers.The smart thermography can tell you the temperature in minutes.But a thermometer with only one output can be frustrating to use.Taylor’s thermometer comes with two output […]

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Walmart to offer free ‘Thermometer Walmart’ app to Apple users

AUSTIN, Texas — Walmart will soon offer a free, Touchless Thermometer app to iPhone and iPad users, the company announced Tuesday.The app will launch in the U.S. on Tuesday, and will be available to all Walmarts customers starting with the April 24 opening of the store in the nation’s second-largest retailer.The app will have an […]

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How to use a Vicks thermometers with Vicks contactless battery

We’ve already seen a couple of Vicks Thermometer batteries, but now there’s a third option to get the same results using your phone.Vicks has partnered with Qi Wireless to sell Qi Thermometers, which use an NFC sensor to read and record the temperature in your phone using Qi wireless charging.The Thermophones are a nice alternative […]

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Which is better for children to wear their baby clothes and hats?

The best way to keep your baby warm in the cold, the experts say article Experts are saying the answer to the question of which is better to wear your baby clothes is really, really complicated.Topics:child-care,children,pregnancy-and-childbirth,childrens,family-and,baby,diseases-and/or-disorders,children-health-and%E2%80%99-infections,health-policy,childrensource Google News

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