How to read the BT thermometer (BTR) on the inside of the device

TalkSport has a new outdoor clock and water thermometer for outdoor use that has a built-in BT sensor and a built in LED indicator.

The BT thermometers have two modes, the Outdoor Mode is the more common and the Outdoor Temperature is the most accurate.

In the Outdoor mode, you can read the ambient temperature and the time and the temperature will display in the outdoor temperature display, with a blue indicator on the top of the display, along with the Celsius, Fahrenheit and Humidity.

The Outdoor temperature display is the standard, with an icon of the BT temperature in the upper left corner.

It also has a blue LED indicator on top of it.

The BT temperature will show in the lower right.

The indoor temperature display uses the same LED indicator as the outdoor display.

The indicator is located in the middle of the outdoor LED indicator, along the bottom of the screen.

The indoor temperature will also show in both the indoors and outdoors modes.

The outdoor temperature gauge is the new one and will show the temperature as a percentage of the set temperature.

The Indoor temperature gauge shows the same indicator, but the indicator is slightly smaller.

It will show a green LED indicator along the lower left corner of the indoor temperature gauge.

The temperature is shown on the right side of the meter and will also be displayed in the Celsius and Fahrenheit display.

The outdoors temperature gauge uses the indicator as well, but its is smaller and the indicator sits lower.

The new outdoor and indoor temperature gauges have a built of LED indicator that will show an indicator for indoor and outdoor temperatures.

In terms of the functionality, the outdoor and outdoor temperature gauge has two modes and the indoor and indoor temperatures have the same functionality.

The indoors temperature sensor is a waterproof device and is included with the device, but it is not included in the retail version.

The outdoor temperature sensor has a very high output temperature of up to 5.6F/m2.

The outdoors temperature sensor only has a 1.9F/mm2 output.

In my opinion, this sensor is the best indoor temperature sensor available, especially for outdoor applications.

I am a big fan of the high output and waterproof nature of this sensor.

The other new feature of the Outdoor and Outdoor Temperature gauges is the indoor thermometer is waterproof.

I have to say that I really like this feature.

It is much more waterproof than the outdoor sensor, but still a good option for outdoor usage.

The two indoor temperature sensors use the same output temperature and both have the LED indicator for temperature.

The LED indicator is positioned on the left side of each indoor temperature.

There is no other new features of the devices.

The new outdoor thermometer will come in both black and white.

It has an integrated battery and can be used as a mobile charging unit.

The battery capacity is 1,200mAh.

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