‘The baby is on the way’ – The day we got rid of the toilet

The news is out: The baby is about to get rid of his toilet.

On Thursday, the state of Uttar Pradesh declared that “the baby is almost here.”

The move comes as the state is facing criticism over the deaths of at least five babies.

The first baby, a boy of six months, died last week after suffering from severe dehydration and dehydration-related infections.

Doctors in Gurgaon said that the boy died of hypothermia.

On Monday, a girl of five months died from severe hypothermic shock after she was taken to hospital for emergency treatment.

At least five other babies have died in the state in the past 24 hours, raising the total number of infants who have died since the start of the year to 23.

“If the child is still alive after the day we were taking him out of the hospital, he will be taken out of this state in a couple of days,” the chief minister said on Wednesday.

But a medical officer in Uttar Pradesh, who asked not to be named, told the AFP news agency that doctors in the city of Jaipur were told that the baby had died of dehydration and hypothermal shock.

A nurse at the hospital where the boy was brought said he had suffered from hypothermias, which cause extreme heat and can be fatal.

While the baby’s parents said that he had not suffered hypotherms, the mother of the child’s brother said she was concerned that the child might be dehydrated because of the poor water quality in the village.

An investigation by the National Institute of Health and Child Welfare is underway to determine the exact cause of the death.

Earlier this week, the Delhi High Court ordered the state government to pay the family of the newborn “more than ₹20,000.”

It has ordered the Centre to also provide ₼6,000 in compensation for the boy’s mother and father.

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