How to check your iPhone’s thermometer without the thermometer?

Walmart has launched a new app that lets you check the temperature of your iPhone from your home, office or a nearby wall outlet without the need for a thermometer.

The app works on iOS 8 and up.

The app, Walmart iPhone Thermometer, is available on the App Store for free and can be downloaded for free.

The company said the app can check the iPhone’s temperature from anywhere and will automatically alert you when your device is under a certain temperature.

You can use the app to check the heat level of the device, or you can use it to check its battery level.

The temperature you see will be displayed on your iPhone, and you can view the temperature from a number of different angles.

The Walmart app can also show you how hot your home is in real time, so you can determine how hot you need to be to be comfortable.

You can also check the battery status of the iPhone, so the app will notify you if the battery is running low.

The iPhone Thermotometer app will work on iOS devices running iOS 8 or above, the company said.

The temperature displayed on the app is the “real-time temperature” of the battery, the app said.

The battery is “the battery in your phone,” it said.

It is the most accurate way to know how much battery life you have.

The battery is a “virtual battery,” and if the iPhone Thermeter app shows a battery level of 100 percent, it means the battery has been charging for at least a day.

The phone has been fully charged for at most 30 minutes, but the battery level can drop to as low as 30 percent.

In addition to checking the temperature, the iPhone iPhone Therometer app can help you monitor the status of your battery status and the battery’s efficiency, as well as measure the battery voltage.

If you are concerned about the battery life of your phone, you can also set alarms that will notify when your phone is low on battery, or if it is in danger of overheating.

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