Walmart to offer free Wi-Fi hotspots, hotspot security, hotspots and smart home monitoring for its stores

Walmart is set to introduce free Wi‑Fi hotspot, hotspads and smart-home monitoring to its stores, the company announced on Wednesday.

The new offerings are available to any store with a Wi‑FI access point, according to the company.

The free hotspot offering is only available for stores with a retail Wi‑fi access point.

Walmart said it will also provide a free smart-access point and a free Wi–Fi access point for a customer to use for any Walmart-branded device.

This new offering will be available for purchase at all of Walmart’s retail locations.

“Our goal is to make our stores more secure and inviting to our customers, and we want to make them the best places to buy and shop,” said Scott Mullins, vice president of product management for Walmart Stores, in a statement.

“We’re excited to offer a wide variety of tools that can help our customers protect their data and our customers’ privacy online and offline.

Walmart is always working to improve our products, services and support, and the Wi‑Fis security team has been working with us to make this happen.

We look forward to adding these new security tools to our stores and continue to provide our customers with a more secure shopping experience.”

The new services, which are available through the Walmart Wi-Fis app and website, include a Wi-FI hotspot that will enable users to check their online accounts for any pending charges, a Wi–Fis smart-watch app that provides information on the status of an active Wi‑fis connection, and a password-protected smart-locker app.

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