Watch: A infrared thermocouple, its future and the future of electronics

Infrared thermometers have been around for decades and, despite their popularity, are still expensive and time consuming to build.

The new IR-Tec IR-Couple is a simple, inexpensive and easy to build IR-Thermometer that can measure temperature.

The IR-Tempoc has been in development for almost 10 years.

It has a sensor with an integrated infrared photodetector that converts the IR light emitted by the camera sensor into an infrared signal.

This signal is then sent through a flexible fiberglass substrate that can be attached to an external light source.

The thermometer can also be connected to a range of sensors to determine temperature.

The IR-Cam IR-cams are capable of capturing images of the entire sensor field, including both the infrared and the visible part of the spectrum.

The sensors can be integrated with a range to detect the temperature of objects around the sensor, such as an electrical wire or metal.

IR-Frequency Infrared sensors have been available for a long time, but have a limited range of applications.

IR sensors that are able to capture images in the infrared part of spectrum are able provide a much wider range of application, including the detection of the internal pressure in the body of the patient.

The infrared thermometers used by surgeons are often mounted on metal plates and placed in the operating room.

They are generally mounted at the end of the operating table, behind a large monitor, and then moved to the operating area by a robot arm.

The operation room is usually a room with no other external devices such as lighting, ventilation, or air conditioning.

There is no room for the patient to rest and recover.

The operating room is also a very hot environment, and can be very stressful for the patients, so the use of IR thermometers is not always an option.

The main advantage of IR-thermometers over conventional thermometers are the low cost, easy to install, and the high level of resolution they provide.

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