How to change the colour of your iPhone and iPad

Apple is giving a free update to iOS 7 that changes the colour scheme of your device, the company announced today.

The update will let users change the hue and saturation of the display, the background colour of the screen and the size of the keyboard.

The company also gave users an option to “turn on or off” the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities on the iPhone and its iPad, and its built-in speaker will now automatically switch off if you don’t want it to.

The company said the update also fixes an issue with some iPhone and iPads that could make them crash on iOS 7.

Apple has a long list of features that are only available with iOS 7, including a new Siri interface, which allows users to ask the company’s virtual assistant to do things for them.

We’re also getting a lot of new features in iOS 7 including a brand new camera app, improved multitasking and more.

In a blog post, Apple said it will continue to update its products to iOS 8, and added that it would be adding support for its Apple Pay system as well.

Here are some of the changes you’ll find in iOS 8: iPhone 6S and 6S Plus: Apple is making a couple of improvements to the camera app on the new iPhone 6S.

It’s now possible to add more photos to a photo album using a “tweaked” “new way” to take a photo.

Previously, it had to tap the photo icon and select a photo to start taking a photo, then tap and hold on the icon to make it snap to the center of the image.

This is now easier to do.

It’s now easier than ever to tap on a photo and select it from the Camera app.

Also, the photo album now uses “newest photo” as its name.

You can now add a photo in the Albums app to a Photo Library, which is an app that lets you store and organize your photos.

For a photo with a timestamp, the new app will now include the timestamp and show it as a caption.

More in Apple’s blog post: We’ve made a number of improvements for your photos, with new Photo Library for Photos, Photo Library and Photo Library: Photo Library now includes photos from your Photos library and lets you organize them in albums, or use the photo search feature to find photos.

Photo Library is also easier to manage.

You can now quickly switch between the different Photo Library apps.

Photos are now automatically saved in the Photo Library app as they appear in Photos.

You will see the last date that your photos were last updated in the “Photos” tab in Photos and the Photo Search app.

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