‘This is a sign of the times’: Scientists uncover new evidence of ancient life on Mars

The discovery of evidence of a ‘sign of the time’ in Mars’ past has implications for the search for signs of ancient microbial life.

The findings are reported in the journal Science.

Scientists have found evidence of past life on the red planet by analysing Martian ice.

The ancient microbes are a sign that a liquid water ocean once existed there, said lead researcher Dr Joanna Gomes, from the University of Warwick.

The water, which is frozen over, has the ability to evaporate into the atmosphere.

The researchers believe that the ancient microbes could be remnants of a microbial ecosystem that once existed on Mars.

Dr Gomes said: “It is an exciting discovery.

We can’t be sure that the microbial life we see here is an ancient species of life, but the possibility is there.”

These microbes are an indicator of an early phase of microbial life that once lived on Mars, and this means that the past microbial life was an ancient community on Mars.

“It’s also important to remember that ancient life is a community of organisms.””

We think that it’s possible that we’re witnessing the first stages of the life that we saw on Earth in ancient times,” Dr Gores said.

“It’s also important to remember that ancient life is a community of organisms.”

The life that you see on Mars today is very similar to life that lived on Earth a long time ago.

The team used high-speed cameras to analyse the ice on the surface of Mars. “

There is a big gap in our knowledge of Mars,” she said.

The team used high-speed cameras to analyse the ice on the surface of Mars.

The cameras were able to record water vapour from a small lake at the site of the ice.

Dr Robert Schmitt, from Cambridge University, said the images showed a “sign of life”.

“This is really exciting because it’s the first evidence of life that is recorded by cameras on Mars,” he said.

It is not clear whether the ancient life was living in an ancient lake or whether it had lived on land for hundreds of thousands of years, but Dr Schmitt said that the evidence of living organisms “seems pretty good”.

Dr Gases said that she hoped that the results would lead to the identification of life in the lake.

“The fact that we’ve seen evidence of these ancient microbes indicates that there’s still life on this planet, even if it’s not the ancient kind,” she told BBC News.

“And I think that this will have an impact on our understanding of life.” 

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