Amazon to send drones to help US drone strike mission

Amazon to ship drones to assist US drone attack mission Amazon has announced it will be sending drones to the United States to help with a US drone campaign.

The move comes as tensions between Washington and Moscow escalate over the Ukraine crisis and is seen as a possible way to pressure Moscow over the conflict in Syria.

A spokesperson for the US-led coalition fighting ISIS, which includes the Royal Air Force, confirmed the drone deployment to Reuters.

“We are doing so to support our air forces in their effort to defeat ISIS, including in Iraq and Syria, and we are confident that we will be able to assist our allies and partners with their efforts to defeat the terrorist group,” the spokesperson said.

The US has been working with allies to deliver weapons and supplies to the coalition to support air strikes against ISIS.US air forces have been bombing targets in Syria, where they have been backed by Russian jets.

The coalition has been carrying out drone strikes against the group since December.

The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Monday that Russian and Syrian forces had launched airstrikes against Kurdish positions near the Turkish border, where Russia has been supplying air support to Kurdish fighters battling ISIS.

Russia said its forces were engaged in combat with “terrorists” on the Turkish frontier, and Russian state television said on Tuesday that Russian fighter jets had carried out an attack on a Syrian military base.

It was the first time the US has officially acknowledged that Russian forces were involved in fighting ISIS.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Moscow and Damascus were close allies in the fight against ISIS in an interview with the Rossiya 24 TV channel.

“Russia is a partner in the battle against terrorism, and its role is to support the efforts of our partners in Iraq, Syria and in Afghanistan,” he said.

“The war against terrorism is the responsibility of all the countries.

The responsibility of any country is to fight it with all the resources it has, in the shortest possible time, in order to make sure that the fight will not stop.”

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