“The Biggest Secret” premieres on Netflix

The Biggest Secrets: The Secret Life of Oscar Isaac’s Baby will premiere on Netflix on March 14, 2019.The documentary will follow Isaac’s parents, a woman and a man, as they raise their son, Oscar Isaac, in the hopes that he will one day become an actor.The film is described as Isaac’s first step into acting […]

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Which indoor outdoor thermometers are best for the outdoors?

The iHealth Outdoor Thermometer offers a variety of indoor and outdoor modes to adjust the temperature of your home or office.The Thermocool Pro can also be used for indoor use.The iLife Outdoor Thermo Plus is the best indoor indoor outdoor model for most people.Both are designed for comfort and functionality.The Outdoor Thermos are a great […]

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When you don’t have a smartphone to take photos, you should probably make the trek to your local meat market

In a recent Reddit AMA, Reddit user “KotakuAce” discussed a potential solution to this problem: buying meat thermometers at meat markets.KotakakuAces reasoning for buying meat-testing meat thermometer was that he didn’t have one.Instead, he used a device called the Temporally-Aged Meat Thermometer, which is a device that allows users to take a photo of meat […]

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Watch: A infrared thermocouple, its future and the future of electronics

Infrared thermometers have been around for decades and, despite their popularity, are still expensive and time consuming to build.The new IR-Tec IR-Couple is a simple, inexpensive and easy to build IR-Thermometer that can measure temperature.The IR-Tempoc has been in development for almost 10 years.It has a sensor with an integrated infrared photodetector that converts the […]

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